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The UK's #1 business podcast presents a new series, every Sunday focused on highlighting some of the best black and minority founders pitching for investment in their big, bold ideas from some of the world's best investors.

Launching on Sunday, July 5th, 2020

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    Investment Committee

    Andy Davis

    Angel Investor
    Founder of 10 x 10 Angels
    Ex VC at Backstage Capital

    Gloria Monfrini

    Angel Investor, Ex-Uber &
    Partner at Redbus

    Tom Singh

    Angel Investor
    Partner at Rianta Capital
    Founder of New Look

    Yvonne Bajela

    Investor at Impact X Capital

    Nick Jenkins

    Angel Investor
    Founder of Moonpig

    Tim Armoo

    CEO at Fanbytes
    Public Speaker

    The Episode Format

    1. 5 minutes - quick intro to format & startups guests pitching

    2. Intro from IC on why they picked this startup to make it on the show

    3. Startup pitch 1 - 7 minutes

    4. Judges grilling - 15 minutes

    5. The decision, yes, no, maybe follow up

    6. Startup 2 same process

    7. Outro & debrief with guests

    The team

    Dan murray-serter

    Dan is the host of Secret Leaders.

    He is the Co-Founder of Heights, a brain health & mental wellbeing company.

    rich martell

    Rich is the producer of Secret Leaders.

    He's the Co- Founder of Orderswift, an online ordering product used by over 1,200 restaurants in the UK.

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